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New Orleans Shrimp


8 jumbo shrimp seasoned New Orleans style and baked in butter

Homemade Fried Mushrooms


Fresh button mushrooms, batter-dipped and flash fried to perfection

Our Famous Lamb Fries


One of our signature items – savory lamb fries carefully breaded and fried

Loaded Steak Fries


Topped with melted cheese and bits of real bacon

Loaded Potato Skins


Try with side of ranch dressing

Chicken Tenders


Fried and served plain or Buffalo-Style

Shrimp Cocktail


7 chilled jumbo shrimp served with our sassy cocktail sauce

Fried Green Tomatoes


Best in town!

Onion Straws


Shaved onion batter dipped and fried till golden and delicious

12 Buffalo or BBQ Chicken Wings


Basket of Homemade Potato Chips


Whole Sautéed Mushrooms


Homemade Beer Cheese


Served with celery stix

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks


6 delicious cheese sticks, lightly breaded and served with marinara sauce

Fried Banana Peppers


Entrée Salad With grilled chicken breast


Soups And Salads

Soup of the Day


cup 2.99 / bowl 3.99

Hearty Steak & Potato Soup


cup 3.99 / bowl 5.99

Our Famous Diego Salad


Our guests have been raving about this chopped salad since the day we opened our doors – the seasoning is the secret bowl 5.99 / individual 3.99

Chef Salad


Chilled greens with sliced turkey breast, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and choice of dressing

Garden Salad


Entrée Salad Chilled mixed greens, tomatoes, homemade croûtons


Chilled mixed greens, tomatoes, homemade croûtons and cheese – 4.99

Caesar Salad


Crisp romaine with fresh grated Parmesan cheese, seasoned croutons and Creamy Caesar dressing. – 2.99

Entrée Salad With tenderloin beef tips or with grilled shrimp


Entrée Salad With grilled salmon


Cesar Salad With Grilled Chicken Breast


Crisp romaine with fresh grated Parmesan cheese, seasoned croutons and Creamy Caesar dressing With grilled chicken breast.

Cesar Salad With Tenderloin Beef Tips or Grilled Shrimp


Crisp romaine with fresh grated Parmesan cheese, seasoned croutons and Creamy Caesar dressing With tenderloin beef tips or with grilled shrimp.

Caesar Salad With Grilled Salmon


Crisp romaine with fresh grated Parmesan cheese, seasoned croutons and Creamy Caesar dressing With grilled salmon.


Southern-Style Corn Pudding


Made from scratch – so light it almost floats off the plate

Homemade Broccoli Casserole


You’ll be lickin your lips over this homemade casserole – great with any entrée

Today’s Vegetable


Homemade Green Beans


Columbia Steak Fries


Baked Potato Scrubbed and Rubbed


Scrubbed and rubbed……………………………………………………2.59

Sweet Potato


Child’s Cheeseburger served with chips


Chicken Tenders served with chips


Substitute Loaded Baked Potato


Substitute Baked Potato or Steak Fries for chips


(12 and under Please, with Adult Meal)

Baked Potato With Cheese


With cheese…………………………………………………………..3.58

Baked Potato With Cheese and Bacon


Sides and Entrees 2 Choices

All entrées are served with the choice of two: Baked Potato, Twice-Baked Potato (add 1.99), Sweet Potato (add .99), Columbia’s Steak Fries n Rice Pilaf Diego Salad, Garden Salad, Caesar Salad, Green Beans, Daily Vegetable, Sweet Potato Casserole, Broccoli, Casserole, Corn Pudding

Downtown Limestone Steaks

Tenderloin of Beef – Nighthawk

Broiled and served in garlic butter

Sirloin Steak


Lean And Grilled To Perfection 8oz 13.99

Roasted Prime Rib of Beef


12 ounces of beef, well marbled for tenderness and flavor, rubbed with herbs and spices and slow roasted, cut to your request and served with au jus and slow roasted horseradish sauce. Add grilled Mushrooms or Onions ……………..1.99 each Add Twice-Baked Potato for only ……………1.99 Add Shrimp to your steak for only ……………….4.99

One Pound T-Bone Steak


The Perfect Steak For A Hardy Appetite!



Bacon wrapped lean ground steak charbroiled to order………………..11.99 Add grilled Mushrooms or Onions …………………..1.99 each Add Twice-Baked Potato for only ………………………1.99 Add Shrimp to your steak for only ……………………..4.99 Top your steak with our famous garlic butter for .99

Ribeye Steak 12 oz.


One of the most tender and flavorful cuts of beef – aged in house and well marbled for maximum flavor and tenderness

New York Strip 8 oz.


New York Strip A fine texture gives this lean strip steak an incredibly robust and juicy tenderness 12 oz 18.99 / 8 oz 14.99

New York Strip 12 oz.


New York Strip A fine texture gives this lean strip steak an incredibly robust and juicy tenderness 12 oz 18.99 / 8 oz 14.99

Kentucky Traditions

Kentucky Hot Brown


Created by the chef at the Brown Hotel in Louisville in 1926 – white bread layered with sliced turkey breast and ham, lavished with creamy cheese sauce and finished with fresh slices of tomato and crisp bacon strips

Lamb Fries


Batch of lamb fries, served hot and crisp with cream gravy

Chicken Tenders Basket


Always fresh, never frozen – dipped in our specially seasoned batter and flash-fried, prepared Buffalo-style or BBQ

Barbecued Pork Ribs


Barbecued Pork Ribs Meaty ribs with our sweet and tangy barbecue sauce Half-Slab – 14.99 Full-Slab – 17.99

Grilled or Fried Pork Chops


Southern Fried Catfish


Fillets of farm-raised catfish dusted with herbed cornmeal and fried

Fish & Chicken Favorites

Salmon Fillet


Pan-seared, broiled or blackened presented with homemade dill sauce

Fried or Broiled Tilapia


Rolled in our special seasoned batter and fried or brushed with butter and broiled

Fried Shrimp


Lightly breaded and served over rice pilaf – try it grilled or blackened at no additional charge

Chicken Sandwich Have It Your Way


Grilled or breaded and fried – served on a fresh bun barbecue, buffalo or hot sauce available upon request. Top it with Swiss cheese or bacon.99 each

Chicken Breast


Marinated and carefully charbroiled – served with tangy sweet and sour sauce


Columbia’s Steak Burger


Voted Best Burger in Lexington – lean ground steak carefully charbroiled to order

French Dip Sandwich


Thin sliced roast beef smothered with Swiss cheese served with natural wu jus and horseradish sauce

Ribeye Steak Sandwich


Served with natural au jus and tangy horseradish sauce

Fish Sandwich fried whitefish on rye bread


Sandwich Toppings And Sides

Includes Columbia’s steak fries, crinkle cut fries, vegetable or baked potato. Served on wheat bread upon request. Add a garden salad, Caesar salad or Diego salad for 1.99 Add your favorite toppers for only .99 each: Grilled onions • Sautéed mushrooms • Bacon • American Swiss or Cheddar Cheese


Kentucky Silk Pie


Rich and dreamy chocolate silk pie, a perfect ending to your meal

Hot Fudge Brownie


Homemade Blackberry Cobbler


Slice of warm homemade fruit cobbler topped with ice cream.

Creamy Cheese Cake


Served with chocolate sauce or other delicious toppings – ask your server for other choices

Ask anyone from the Bluegrass one question: “What is Lexington’s signature restaurant?” Without hesitation, the answer is simple and clear…Columbia Steakhouse. There simply is no other choice. Since the first day the doors were open in 1948, some seven decades ago, fans of delicious Southern inspired favorites have made Columbia a legendary destination.
And it’s easy to see why generation after generation continue the tradition. Mention the words “Nighthawk Special” or “Diego Salad” and it’s immediately clear folks are in for a meal that has guests driving in from near and far. To dine at Columbia Steakhouse is as much a part of experiencing Lexington as horse races and fine Kentucky Bourbon. The stories of the “Old Days” are as entertaining and delicious as the classics that grace the menu. During the early years,

Columbia’s became a favorite for more than its delicious menu classics. Tales of gambling in the back room and “disorderly conduct” by some of Lexington’s most famous and infamous patrons caused a stir and ruffled the feathers of the local authorities.
Legend has it that the restaurant was a “front” for gambling and other such activities, full of thick smoke and an air of intrigue. Mention the name “Smitty” and memories of standing in line awaiting your favorite maître d’ can’t help but make you feel nostalgic. The legend and lore are long at Columbia Steakhouse.
These stories are as seasoned and savory as the many longtime favorites on the menu of this iconic Bluegrass restaurant. Skip the pretentious and inflated prices of up-and-coming local restaurants. For the true Bluegrass dining experience shared across time and test, Columbia Steakhouse awaits you. We delight in inviting you to become a part of our history.
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Please let our server hang your coats to avoid butter spills
A 15% gratuity will be added to parties of 15 guests or more
*Cooked to order: consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.
There is no company more grateful for its friends and customers than we are. For this purchase and every purchase we thank you.
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